bioExpert BIOLOGICAL TABLETS for septic tanks and sewage systems

bioExpert BIOLOGICAL TABLES for septic tanks and sewage systems

Recommended by bioExpert: Biological activator for degradation of organic matter and pollutants in septic tanks and sewage systems. Designed for use in the household and small hotels, restaurants, etc. The preparation is very active - each tablet contains not less than a billion (5 x107 cfu / gram) saprophytic, non-pathogenic  bacteria.


  • Concentrated formulation
  • Maintains biological equilibrium of facilities
  • Elimination of blockage and odor reflux problems
  • Consequent spacing of emptying (minimum 3 times less);
  • Rapid and reinforced action due to joint presence of micro-organisms (sustained action) and enzymes (immediate action)
  • Rapid inoculation of new septic tanks and acceleration of restart after prolonged disuse
  • Rapid dissolution of the product
  • Natural product, free of caustic soda and respectful to the environment
  • Totally risk-free handling: product neither toxic nor harmful
  • Excellent product stability and shelf life
  • Easy-to-apply individually packaged tablets

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